Hello, we are Sara and Clare, sisters and the minds behind Messy Moments.

Between us we have a brood of children (7 in total!) who love to get messy and play endlessly! We could see the joy on our children’s faces as they played freely without expectation. We decided we wanted to bring that kind of play to children all around Perth.

Sara is nearing the end of her Early Childhood Studies and is constantly reading current research about the benefits of sensory play. Clare is an experienced teacher in early childhood. She is always thinking about the learning opportunities when planning our activities. One of our favourite things about messy play is there is no ‘right way’ to play allowing all children opportunities to follow their interests and imagination. 




“An exceptional, educational and fun experience for children of all ages😃 definitely one of the best things I’ve taken my daughter to, will absolutely be looking out for more opportunities for her to get “messy” with messy moments 😁”- Jade Moore

“Fantastic!! The children had a blast!! Highly recommend!”- Nerissa Rickard